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NAI apollo: Prime Time Fitness rents 1,050 sqm in Maximilianstraße, Munich

Frankfurt am Main / Munich, 28 March 2019 – Prime Time Fitness has rented 1,050 sqm of space in Maximilianstraße 35. NAI apollo supported the fitness club in leasing its third studio premises in Munich within the scope of an exclusive mandate.

NAI apollo also advised Prime Time Fitness when leasing further premises at the Viktualienmarkt market in Munich around a year ago. The lessor of the new space in Maximilianstraße is Union Investment. With this high-quality site in a prime location, Prime Time Fitness underlines its premium positioning in the German fitness market.

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NAI apollo: Heike Krone again NAI Global’s second most successful top producer

Frankfurt am Main, 28 March 2019 – For the second time running, Heike Krone, Director Investment at NAI apollo, has achieved second place among the top 10 producers of NAI Global, the world’s largest network of owner-managed real estate consultancy companies. The list is ranked by the amount of realised gross commissions from one million US dollars upwards. A total of 57 top producers were honoured for the previous year.

“Heike Krone is a sure-fire success in the rankings. She has already achieved a top position for NAI apollo in the global competition on numerous occasions. This is a superb result and convincing proof of her excellent work,” explains Andreas Wende, Managing Partner of NAI apollo.

“I am delighted that I was able to claim second place for Germany. However, this recognition is not just for me, but for our entire team. It was a joint triumph,” comments Heike Krone. “The second place confirms the success of our entrepreneurial approach in consulting and also underlines the importance of the German market in our network.”

Yuval Rozenberg (42), Director Investment at NAI apollo, also took eleventh place in the top producer rankings, thereby leading the field of those chasing the top 10.

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NAI apollo: A.I.F. Atlantic Integrated Freight Ieases 500 sqm of office space in Prime Parc Raunheim

Frankfurt am Main, 22 February 2019 – A.I.F. Atlantic Integrated Freight, a global service provider in the freight handling sector, is leasing 500 sqm of office space including parking spaces in Prime Parc Raunheim in direct proximity to Frankfurt Airport. The lessor is Deka Immobilien. NAI apollo provided support to the lessee when renting the space.

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NAI apollo brokers car dealership and plot in Maintal

Frankfurt am Main, 14 February 2019 – On behalf of the seller, NAI apollo has brokered a car dealership in Maintal with usable floor space of around 4,900 square metres and a plot of land spanning 11,000 square metres to a private individual. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. The property’s address is Honeywellstraße 1-3 / Otto-Hahn-Straße 1.

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NAI apollo: Paulson International rents 820 sqm at Bad Homburger Kreuz

Frankfurt am Main, 12 February 2019 – The American manufacturer of personal protective equipment, Paulson International Ltd., has leased 600 sqm of warehouse space and an additional 220 sqm of office space in the Am Martinszehnten business park at Bad Homburger Kreuz. NAI apollo assisted the tenant in its search for suitable areas for expansion.

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Martin Höppler now authorised signatory at NAI apollo group

Frankfurt am Main, 11 February 2019 – Martin Höppler has been an authorised signatory at the NAI apollo group since the beginning of the year. Höppler has been at NAI apollo for around 18 years and is responsible for letting activities in the office segment in his current role as Associate Director Office Letting.

“Martin is an extremely loyal, reliable and valuable employee at NAI apollo. His tireless commitment to our customers has impressed all partners of our group. We are delighted that he is taking on the additional responsibility as an authorised signatory of the company and is continuing his career in the NAI family,” explains Andreas Wende, Managing Partner at NAI apollo.

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Christian Dörner joins NAI apollo as Director of Office Letting, Radomir Vasilijevic becomes Director Investment

Frankfurt am Main, 18 January 2019 – Christian Dörner took up the role of Director of Office Letting at NAI apollo on 15 January and now leads the company’s office and retail letting team. The 47-year-old previously worked for CBRE, where he was most recently responsible for supporting major national and international customers as Senior Director in the Advisory & Transaction Services Team. Dörner has been involved in real estate for 20 years. “In Christian Dörner, NAI apollo is gaining a real expert for our office and retail letting business segment. In an increasingly difficult environment from the point of view of both tenants and owners, he can call upon his extensive experience with national and international customers. Christian really strengthens our team and is a further competitive advantage for our company,” says Andreas Wende, Managing Partner of NAI apollo.

“Searching for and managing space is becoming ever more difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises. In tense markets and especially sought-after locations in particular, options are becoming increasingly limited. In turn, this can lead to problems in the development of companies. But we are available as a partner and consultant so that we can work together to achieve the best possible result,” comments Christian Dörner, new Director of Office Letting at NAI apollo.

Radomir Vasilijevic (43), who has been working in the Frankfurt office letting market for 20 years and was previously NAI apollo’s Director of Office Letting for seven years, is now taking on a new challenge with immediate effect as Partner and Director Investment at NAI apollo. “The investment business plays a decisive role in day-to-day consulting. After Radomir Vasilijevic and his team achieved numerous successes in the area of letting, we are now delighted that he will play an active role in driving forward investment consulting for professional and semi-professional investors. Rado possesses in-depth market knowledge, particularly in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region where he knows every property and every square metre of space,” says Wende. “NAI apollo is pursuing a clear growth strategy in multiple sectors in order to offer our customers the right service. I am looking forward to fully concentrating on the field of investment in the next step of my career. Real estate investments have become a crucial component of the portfolios of national and international investors,” comments Radomir Vasilijevic, Partner and Director Investment at NAI apollo, on his new role.

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NAI apollo: Brexit could be the challenge of the century for the Frankfurt office property market

Frankfurt am Main, 16 January 2019 – Yesterday evening, the British House of Commons overwhelmingly rejected the Brexit deal that Prime Minister Theresa May had negotiated with the European Union. The British government is now faced with the challenge of finding a solution that minimises the economic damage to the United Kingdom should Brexit take place. The owner-operated real estate consultancy firm NAI apollo – a partner of the NAI apollo group – believes that this will cause enormous uncertainty for international investors and companies. “As no agreement with the EU seems to be in sight, the UK may leave the EU without a deal. As a result, numerous international companies from the financial sector in particular are now asking themselves whether they should leave London for continental Europe. Institutional investors are considering a regional redistribution of their investments. Frankfurt is one of the most attractive locations in this context with its proximity to the European Central Bank and the excellent infrastructure both clear arguments in favour of the city on the Main river,” explains Andreas Wende, Managing Partner of NAI apollo.

“The growing demand resulting from Brexit could even pose the challenge of the century for the Frankfurt office market,” comments Wende. After all, the available space is limited. According to the report on developments in the Frankfurt office rental market published by NAI apollo just a few days ago, only 743,000 square metres of empty office space is available on the market – the lowest level since 2001. As such, the vacancy rate is currently 6.5%. The reduction in space available at short notice in the central business district (CBD) is particularly noticeable. “Several submarkets in the CBD are even fully occupied. The vacancy rate in the banking district has fallen from 9.5% in 2015 to 2.6% today,” explains Dr Konrad Kanzler, Head of Research at the NAI apollo group.

The full analysis of the Frankfurt office rental market can be found here:


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NAI apollo: Warehouse and logistics property market passes 700,000-sqm take-up mark in Rhine-Main region

Frankfurt am Main, 16.01.2019 – The market for warehouse and logistics property in the Rhine-Main region finished 2018 with the third-best take-up result ever achieved. According to the analysis of the owner-operated real estate consultancy firm NAI apollo – a partner of the NAI apollo group – a total of around 741,000 sqm of logistics and warehouse area were taken up through leasing and owner occupancy last year. This makes it the third year in which this number exceeded 700,000 sqm after 2014 and 2017. As a result, the ten-year average has risen by 34,000 sqm and now stands at 586,000. “The strong take-up figures once again underline the importance of the Rhine-Main region as a central logistics location for Germany and Europe,” comments Andreas Wende, Managing Partner of NAI apollo.

Third-best take-up after 2017 and 2014

“2018 came close to the record results from 2017 and 2014,” says Dr Konrad Kanzler, Head of Research of the NAI apollo group. A total of 753,000 sqm were taken up in 2014, while the figure in 2017 was 769,000 sqm. Growing demand for space among both logistics service providers and retail due primarily to the boom in e-commerce has greatly enhanced the importance of the logistics markets in recent years. “While the five-year take-up figures for the logistics market in the Rhine-Main region were around 705,000 sqm per year on average between 2014 and 2018, the equivalent annual figure for the five years previous to that was 467,000 sqm. This is an increase of more than 50%,” explains Kanzler.

When analysing the overall result for 2018, stronger figures were recorded in the second half of the year. “The first six months were rather average with a take-up of 322,000 sqm. Contrastingly, in the second half of the year, some 419,000 sqm were taken up,” comments Michael Weyrauch, Head of Industrial Letting and Transaction at NAI apollo. With 194,000 sqm, the fourth quarter was the second strongest of the year.

Major transactions responsible for more than half of take-up

The second half of 2018 was primarily characterised by a higher take-up of large-area halls. As such, the 10,000 sqm-plus segment grew from eight deals with a total of 151,000 sqm in the first six months to ten deals with 274,000 sqm in the second half of the year. “For 2018 as a whole, take-up in the large-area segment adds up to around 425,000 sqm, which corresponds to a market share of 57.4%,” explains Weyrauch. “This almost reaches the level of the record year.” (In 2017 the corresponding figures were 445,000 sqm and a market share of 57.9%.) The biggest transactions of the year involved various logistics companies. ID Logistics was responsible for the top deal by leasing more than 40,000 sqm in Hammersbach, followed by logistics service provider RWL with over 39,000 sqm in Trebur and Seifert Logistics in Bürstadt with over 35,000 sqm. By leasing 32,500 sqm in M-Port³ in the Mönchhof area in Kelsterbach, Rewe is the top retail company in the ranking list at fourth place.

Project developments gaining in importance

All the deals mentioned above took place in or through project developments. In the large-area segment in particular, market activities are focusing on new construction. As such, 12 of the 18 deals in the segment for transactions above 10,000 sqm were leases within the scope of new building projects or owner-occupier developments. The share of take-up attributable to project developments in the reporting year 2018 amounts to 51.7% or 382,000 sqm, of which 298,000 sqm were project leases and 84,000 sqm were for owner-occupier developments. “Both absolute take-up and the share of take-up exceed the previous year’s figures. This once again underlines the large and growing market significance of the new build sector,” adds Weyrauch.

Transport, warehousing and logistics companies driving demand for space

The segment with by far the greatest demand for space is the transport, warehousing and logistics sector with a take-up share of 61.0% (452,000 sqm), followed by retail with 17.4% (129,000 sqm) and industrial and commercial enterprises with 10.5% (78,000 sqm). This ranking is the same as in the previous years. “What is new is the wide margin between the transport, warehousing and logistics sector and the others. This is also predominantly based on the market activities of logistics service providers in the large-area segment,” comments Kanzler.

As in previous years, market activities are concentrated in the south of the Rhine-Main region. The south-western submarket situated between the Main river and the A5 and A63 autobahns continues to dominate with a take-up share of 59.4%, which corresponds to around 440,000 sqm. It is followed by the south-east with approximately 109,000 sqm.

Continued high level of market activity expected for 2019

This high level of market activity is currently expected to be maintained in 2019. NAI apollo believes that the looming weakening of economic development will not have an effect on the warehousing and logistics market in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region until the end of the year, or in the best case until the following year. “In light of this, we anticipate another good take-up result above the ten-year average of 586,000 sqm. The trend of growing market activity at the peripheries of the market region will also continue,” comments Weyrauch. Due to the lack of suitable existing properties and buildable plots, developers and users will therefore increasingly focus on locations outside the traditional logistics areas. “Good transport connections and the right spaces for flexible and large-area utilisation are the prerequisites for this,” adds Weyrauch.

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Anke Fischer joins apollo valuation & research

Frankfurt am Main, 8 January 2019 – Anke Fischer (43) has been Associate Director at apollo valuation & research GmbH since the beginning of January 2019. In her new role at the NAI apollo group’s valuation and market research company she is responsible for valuation in compliance with German and international standards. Fischer has been involved in property valuation for more than 15 years, having worked for KENSTONE GmbH until December 2018 and, prior to that, Jones Lang LaSalle GmbH for almost seven years. She holds the CIS HypZert (F) certificate and is a chartered surveyor with accreditation from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), graduate geographer and real estate economist (ADI). As such, the Valuation Team now counts four employees who hold the HypZert (F) certificate.

“We are delighted that we were able to attract an experienced and highly trained employee like Anke Fischer. This appointment ensures we can maintain the high level of qualification in our very experienced team, enabling us to provide the best possible services for our customers,” explains Stefan Mergen, Managing Partner at apollo valuation & research GmbH.

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