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Workplace Ordinance no longer fit for purpose

Berlin, 9 May, 2019 – In light of the progressing transformation of working environments and the new demands placed on workplaces and office spaces, the German Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV) is no longer up to date with reality. This is the conclusion drawn by the new digital publication “Zeitgerechte Arbeitsstättenverordnung? Über Wohlbefinden, Produktivität und Change Management auf der Fläche” (“Is the Workplace Ordinance up to date? On well-being, productivity and change management in the space”) published by the German Property Federation (ZIA), the umbrella organisation for the real estate industry. Fixed dimensions for offices, movement areas and a lack of flexibility regarding the use of space are no longer in line with the times.

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NAI apollo: Foreign trading company rents 942 sqm in Mörfelden-Walldorf

Frankfurt am Main / Mörfelden-Walldorf, 15 April 2019 – CU C&T GmbH has rented 942 sqm in the GEWI business park in Mörfelden-Walldorf. The foreign trade company, which specialises on Korea, and is based in Schwalbach am Taunus, is expanding by leasing the warehouse (647.5 sqm) with an accompanying office complex (295 sqm). The lessor of the property in Dreieichstraße 3b is the property management company GEWI Gewerbe-Immobilien GmbH & Co. NAI apollo acted as a broker for both parties.

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NAI apollo: Transaction market for residential portfolios makes positive start to 2019 despite a decline in volume

Frankfurt am Main, 15 April 2019 – The transaction market for residential portfolios in Germany has successfully maintained the strong momentum that was evident in previous years, according to the latest analysis by owner-managed real estate consultancy NAI apollo – partner of the NAI apollo group. Although the first quarter of the year saw a significant reduction in the volume to about €3.9 billion compared to €6.9 billion in the corresponding quarter of 2018, it should be noted that the previous year’s figure was boosted by one large deal, namely the acquisition of BUWOG by Vonovia. “If this transaction is excluded from the overall volume, the difference is significantly mitigated. Last year’s volume would have amounted to about €4 billion, which almost exactly corresponds to the current result,” said Andreas Wende, Managing Director of NAI apollo. Around 24,500 units were traded in the last three months.

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NAI apollo: The office markets in the areas surrounding Frankfurt are in good shape

Frankfurt am Main, 8 April 2019 – The office markets in the surroundings of Frankfurt are in good shape. This is the result according to the owner-operated real estate consultancy company NAI apollo – a partner of the NAI apollo group. NAI apollo took an in-depth look at the development of the office market in 2018 in Bad Homburg, Eschborn, Neu-Isenburg and Offenbach am Main. “Considering the take-up volume in Frankfurt am Main is holding steady at a very high level, the amount of available space is strongly declining and the office rents are increasing, it is only logical to take a look at the development in the largest surrounding office locations,” says Andreas Wende, Managing Partner of NAI apollo.

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NAI apollo: Investment market for residential portfolio off to a positive start in 2019 despite decline in take-up

Frankfurt am Main, 5 April 2019 – The highly dynamic state of the investment market for residential portfolios in Germany that characterised the previous year is continuing in 2019, according to an analysis by the owner-operated real estate consultancy firm NAI apollo – a partner of the NAI apollo group. The first quarter of 2019 saw a transaction volume of nearly €3.9 billion, which represented a significant decline compared to the same quarter of the previous year (Q1 2018: €6.9 billion). However, the previous year’s figure was primarily supported by a single deal: the takeover of BUWOG by Vonovia. “If you exclude this transaction, this considerable difference takes on a different perspective. In that case, last year’s bottom line would only be around €4 billion, which nearly matches the latest result,” says Andreas Wende, Managing Partner of NAI apollo. Almost 24,500 residential units were traded during the past three months.

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NAI apollo: Office letting market in Frankfurt am Main with a slow start to 2019

Frankfurt am Main, 1 April 2019 – The office letting market in Frankfurt, including Eschborn and Offenbach-Kaiserlei, has had a slow start to 2019. This is the result according to the owner-operated real estate consultancy company NAI apollo – a partner of the NAI apollo group. According to its figures, the office space take-up from letting and owner-occupiers in the first three months of 2019 is around 89,100 sqm. This is clearly below both the previous year’s value of 136,800 sqm and the five-year average of 112,200 sqm. Along with the decline in take-up, the number of deals has also fallen from 178 to 142. “The office market in Frankfurt seems to be taking a while to wake up in 2019. However, we are expecting some large deals to be completed throughout the course of the year. The moderate first quarter is therefore expected to be an exception,” says Andreas Wende, Managing Partner of NAI apollo, assessing the result.

With the decrease of space take-up, an increase in the importance of lease renewals after active market screening has been registered. Following this, the take-up could have been around 44,000 sqm higher, with the corresponding value from the previous year only equalling 4,000 sqm.

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NAI apollo: Textile dealer rents around 600 sqm of storage space in Mainz

Frankfurt am Main/Mainz, 2nd April 2019 – TMT – Trading & Consulting GmbH has rented around 600 sqm of storage space in Gutenberg Park in Mainz-Hechtsheim. The mail order firm specialising in textiles is continuing its expansion by occupying the warehouse in Robert-Koch-Straße 50, with NAI apollo providing support in renting the premises. The lessor is Sirius Facilities GmbH.

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NAI apollo: Prime Time Fitness rents 1,050 sqm in Maximilianstraße, Munich

Frankfurt am Main / Munich, 28 March 2019 – Prime Time Fitness has rented 1,050 sqm of space in Maximilianstraße 35. NAI apollo supported the fitness club in leasing its third studio premises in Munich within the scope of an exclusive mandate.

NAI apollo also advised Prime Time Fitness when leasing further premises at the Viktualienmarkt market in Munich around a year ago. The lessor of the new space in Maximilianstraße is Union Investment. With this high-quality site in a prime location, Prime Time Fitness underlines its premium positioning in the German fitness market.

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NAI apollo: Heike Krone again NAI Global’s second most successful top producer

Frankfurt am Main, 28 March 2019 – For the second time running, Heike Krone, Director Investment at NAI apollo, has achieved second place among the top 10 producers of NAI Global, the world’s largest network of owner-managed real estate consultancy companies. The list is ranked by the amount of realised gross commissions from one million US dollars upwards. A total of 57 top producers were honoured for the previous year.

“Heike Krone is a sure-fire success in the rankings. She has already achieved a top position for NAI apollo in the global competition on numerous occasions. This is a superb result and convincing proof of her excellent work,” explains Andreas Wende, Managing Partner of NAI apollo.

“I am delighted that I was able to claim second place for Germany. However, this recognition is not just for me, but for our entire team. It was a joint triumph,” comments Heike Krone. “The second place confirms the success of our entrepreneurial approach in consulting and also underlines the importance of the German market in our network.”

Yuval Rozenberg (42), Director Investment at NAI apollo, also took eleventh place in the top producer rankings, thereby leading the field of those chasing the top 10.

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NAI apollo: A.I.F. Atlantic Integrated Freight Ieases 500 sqm of office space in Prime Parc Raunheim

Frankfurt am Main, 22 February 2019 – A.I.F. Atlantic Integrated Freight, a global service provider in the freight handling sector, is leasing 500 sqm of office space including parking spaces in Prime Parc Raunheim in direct proximity to Frankfurt Airport. The lessor is Deka Immobilien. NAI apollo provided support to the lessee when renting the space.

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