Only well-managed properties
hold their value

Property Management

Our property managers work with national and international asset managers, advocate intensive tenant support and help our customers to achieve stable earnings and reduce vacancies.

We also place a strong emphasis on both intensive tenant support as well as a proactive collaboration with asset and facility management staff in order to ensure a high level of tenant satisfaction and a consistently high building quality.

Our services:

  • Lease contract management (controlling of deadlines, indexing and options)
  • Tenant support
  • Contract management (selection, commissioning and supervision of external service providers)
  • Insurance management
  • Maintenance and repair and claims management
  • Accounting and controlling (rental accounting, management of creditors and debtors)
  • Calculation of operating costs and service charges
  • Budgeting and budget control
  • Reporting
  • Document/data room management
  • Lettings management
  • Optimisation of operating costs and service charges
  • Warranty tracking
  • Energy management

The benefits:

  • We maintain intensive contacts with your tenants in order to achieve a high level of tenant satisfaction
  • We ensure the optimal management of your property and proactively control all service providers involved
  • We monitor the prompt receipt of payments and keep an eye on all contract deadlines
  • We monitor the general condition of the property and recommend repair and renovation measures
  • We provide you with a clear report of all cash flows
  • You benefit from our high level of expertise and years of experience, even in very complex property situations (distressed real estate)
  • Our qualified and highly motivated team provides professional support for your property
  • You also gain direct access to all other service areas of our company that we can deploy at any time through the formation of interdisciplinary project teams focused on your concerns


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