Decision-relevant information
rather than mere market data

Research & Consultancy

Anyone who has to make decisions about real estate matters requires detailed knowledge and comprehensive market information. NAI apollo continuously collects and analyses extensive data on all relevant real estate segments and regions to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks associated with location and investment decisions. In addition to ongoing market research, the research team prepares tailor-made location and market analyses and carries out research into individual client and project issues. The range of services is aimed at both the internal departments of NAI apollo as well as all those interested in real estate.

Market-relevant analysis results are published at regular intervals in the form of market and thematic reports.

The benefits:

  • We provide reports at a national and local level and analyse all relevant real estate segments, including relevant framework conditions (such as economic or socio-demographic factors, among others)
  • You benefit from our comprehensive market research. We largely refrain from using externally aggregated information. Instead, we are responsible for the entire investigation process — from data collection to results presentation.
  • We have direct access to the market through our close collaboration and partnership with the various departments of NAI apollo and our partner companies in Germany. Our theoretical estimates ultimately translate into decision-making aids that you can apply at a practical level.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me – and thank you for your interest.

Dr. Konrad Kanzler
apollo valuation & research GmbH
Head of Research


Alexander Waldmann
apollo valuation & research GmbH
Kalina Atanasova
apollo valuation & research GmbH
Principal Consultant
Julian Böttjer
apollo valuation & research GmbH